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Murickens Group New Flyline Solar Product :Grid Compensation System

MURICKENS GROUP- An ISO 9001:2008 certified company (MG) are the reliable and one of the good 'Kerala based Manufacture & Dealer of Solar power saving electronic Products .Murickens solar power units consists of solar inverter with built-in charge controller, solar tubular battery and solar panels. As we know Sun is the Master Power of Energy, but nobody think about sun's entire power. It has direct involvement in the to day affairs of for every living thing and we can convert different kinds of energy of sun light or sun rays for day to day use. We, Murickans Group always concentrate on this power and convert sun energy in to electrical energy. Even now we are cooking foods by the help of sunlight. We developed some of the conversion equipments like MG Solar Water Heater, Flyline Solar Inverter, Flyline Solar DC Street Light System, Solar UPS, Solar Lantern etc. Murickens already installed thousands of fully automatic smaller and big solar power units all over Kerala since 2000, and proved benefits of solar energy utilization. We use modern technologies in the manufacturing of solar power plants. We arrange MNRE ( ministry of natural renewable energy ) subsidies for solar products . We have two types of registered brand names FLYLINE and MG