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Causes and effects of Thunderstorm

Date : May 31, 2023

In this video, We discuss the causes and consequences of thunderstorms. Thunderstorms in the summer are extremely dangerous, with severe consequences. Everyone should be aware of it. Murickens Group manufactures two devices: MG lightning arresters and electric protectors. It is used to shield electrical gadgets from lightning strikes.

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Are thunderstorms dangerous? Without a doubt, sure. The only remedies are lighting arresters to prevent direct illumination, surge protectors to prevent indirect lighting and electrical protectors. However, even in summer thunderstorms, they are frequently spotted dormant, as the Murickens group clearly shows in this video. Lightning has two major effects on us: direct illumination and indirect lighting. What are the current methods of prevention? All of the current lightning arresters and surge protectors are not designed to prevent high voltage; they are earthed and neutral devices. To do so, the earthing system must, of course, function correctly. Otherwise, the desired advantage will be lost.


Our current climatic conditions have entirely altered. High voltage from lightning and other sources is a threat to our humanity. Our property and perhaps our lives are threatened by this highly expensive technological equipment. High voltage has two major effects on humans. There are two types of lighting: direct and indirect. Murickens Group has extensive expertise in production, marketing, and service. To avoid lightning, a range of items are available on the market. It is already a very helpful and well-liked product. Similarly, the MG Lightning Arrestor, a multi-featured device to prevent direct lightning, is a newly released product based on market needs. It is available in a variety of capacities to meet the needs of the customer, and we install it with an on-site guarantee.


Flyline Modular Digital Over and Under Voltage Protector (FDP) protects all expensive household appliances, CCTV, security alarm systems, laboratory equipment, computers, and other electronic devices from lightning and voltage fluctuations caused by natural disasters. The FDP is a cutting-edge gadget that uses German technology. Voltage fluctuations in the power supply will damage our household appliances. FDP can safeguard all appliances from voltage drop, low voltage drop, and time delay. The electrical guarding equipment available on the market has flaws such as no outstanding, the system will not operate if the earthing is not good, and it will turn off.