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Flyline Solar Modules

A photovoltaic module or photovoltaic panel is a packaged interconnected assembly of photovoltaic cells, also known as solar cells. A single photovoltaic module can only produce a certain amount of wattage. Installations intended to produce larger electrical power capacity require an installation of several modules or panels and this is known as a photovoltaic array. Photoelectric cell uses the photovoltaic effect to generate electrical energy using the potential difference that arises between materials when the surface of the cell is exposed to electromagnetic radiation.We are using Five busbars (5BB) cells

Murickens group - the whole sale and retail distributors - sells three kinds of ISO certified solar panels- Poly-crystalline, Mono-crystalline and Mono PERC. Solar cells are the byproducts of silicon. Poly-crystalline is made up of billions of small silicon crystals, but Mono-crystalline material is made up of one large crystal of silicon. Mono-crystalline solar panel is more efficient in converting photons to electrons for electricity while the poly-silicon is less efficient because electrons are captured or generated less efficiently where the crystals of silicon touch. Poly-crystalline panels are commonly used because of competitive price. Mono crystalline solar panels have the ability to create current in cloudy conditions and even when it is raining .In the climatic conditions of kerala 1000 W Solar panels can create 4.5 Kwh to 5 Kwh electricity per day.Mono PERC solar cells have an additional layer with the back side of the cell. This layer allows some of the sun’s rays to reflect back into the solar cell, gives them an opportunity to be turned into energy. So that , this cells produce huge amount of energy compared to conventional cells.As we are the first manufacturer and supplier of Solar Inverters in Kerala with15 years of experience in this field we have a good number of highly valued and reputed clients and the list of our satisfied clients include Kerala Agriculture Research University, Malappuram, International Airport, karipoor, The CISF 7th battalion military camp, Hyderabad, Govt. of India, Dept. of Space, Sreeharikotta, Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Cochin, , Vallarpadam Container Terminal (IGTPL), TCS Info Park Cochin etc in addition to a large number of our esteemed clients in the Private Sector. .it is most important that the installation should be undertaken by a well qualified and experienced technical expert to get 100 per cent out put of the system to fecilitate a smoothg and trouble free functioning and to avoid unnecessary expenses

"Murickens Group" is One of the top producers and installers of solar equipment under the brands MG and Flyline . For all of our products, we exclusively use the top 10 solar panels in the world.

We are only use top-tier, imported solar panels. These include: REC Solar Panels, Trina Solar Panels, JA Solar Panels, Canadian Solar Panels, and Jinko Solar Panels. It is an extremely effective full and half-cut Mono PERC solar panel made with advanced robotic technology.

While local manufacturers typically use manual methods for their production, top-tier producers of solar panels use entirely robotic technology. Therefore, the local panel's efficiency is lower than that of the top 10 international panels.

Half-cut solar cells means that the solar cells cut into halves (two solar panels fixed in a single frame). (two solar panels fixed in a single frame). The top and bottom parts operate separately. Even if one is shaded, the other is in use. It is applicable when there is a shaded area. As a result, the solar module performs better. Another name for them is "twin cells."

The top 10 global manufacturers use robotic technology across the manufacturing process. Solar modules are split in half in this illustration. Each portion functions independently. In other words, each unit generates a separate current and operates separately. Half-cut solar panels' key benefit is that they have lower production costs.
Let's see, a 600 w half-cut solar panel requires only 2.2 meter of length and 1 meter of width. Instead of the 600 w half cut, we can use the full cut of two panels (300 w x 2 = 600 w panel). Each individual unit has 300 w of power, so each panel requires 1.6 meter in length and 1 meter in width. In comparison to the 600 w half-cut single panel, this requires nearly double the space.

The greatest benefits of half-cut solar panels are to the manufacturers because they reduce manufacturing costs in frames, glass, and so on. Customers gain only one advantage in this manner: they save some of their installation space. Any damage to the panel will have an impact on the customer. All of the advantages go to the manufacturers. Observation: full-cut small-wattage solar panels are more useful and efficient than half-cut solar panels. However, in the future, solar panel market availability will be in the form of half cut solar panels.



► High quality solar photovoltic Silicon Mono / Multi crystalline panels or Cells. ► German cells assures the quality of product.► It is union of solar cells for desired capacity. ► Light weight and designed for getting maximum utilization. ► Resistant to abrasion, hail impact, rain, water and environmental factors. ► Anodized aluminum frame and pre-drilled mounting holes. ► Tempered glass for rugged protection. ► ISO 9001- 2015 certified. ► IEC 61215 certification by Euro Test and TUV. ► 5 years warranty. ► 25 years working life for flyline mono and Poly crystalline solar panels. ► 1000 W Flyline solar panel has the capability to generate 4 to 5 units per day. ► Each panel Test specification chart is on backside.

Different wattage panel is available like 25W, 50W, 100W, 125W, 275W, 315W, 335W, 345W, 390W, 420W and 540W

Mono Crystalline / Mono PERC

Nominal Max. Power (Pmax) 275 W 315 W 390 W 420 W
Opt OperatingVoltage (Vmp) 31.5 V 33.1 V 40.4 V 44.9 V
Opt. Operating Current (Imp) 8.74 A 9.52 A 9.66 A 10.1 A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 38.3 V 40.87 V 48.2 V 53.8V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 9.38 A 9.80 A 10.7 A 10.82 A
Module Efficiency 16.70% 19.36% 19.70% 20%
Max. Series Fuse Rating 15 A 15 A 15 A 15 A
Application Classification Class A Class A Class A Class A
module weight 18 Kg 20 Kg 22 Kg 23.4Kg
Power Tolerance 0 ~ + 5 W 0 ~ + 5 W 0 ~ + 10 W 0 - + 10 W
M.Size 1663.7x990.6 mm 1640x992 mm 2000x992 mm 2078x992 mm
Max. System Voltage 1500V (IEC) or 1000V (IEC
Operating Temperature 40°C ~ +85°C
Module Fire Performance CLASS C (IEC 61730)

Half-cut Solar Panels

Nominal Max. Power (Pmax) 320 W 390 w 440 W 500W 550W 600W
Opt. Operating Voltage (Vmp) 35.6 V 40 v 40.8V 41 V 41.47 V 45.25 V
Opt. Operating Current (Imp) 9.51 A 9.75 A 9.85 A 11.53 A 12.90 A 13.26 A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 37.70 V 48.5 V 42.9 V 45.5 V 49.45 V 55.03 V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 19.5 A 10.30 A 10.52 A 12.17 A 13.79 A 13.87 A
Module Efficiency 19.10% 19.2% 20.01% 20.07% 21.30% 21.46%
Max. Series Fuse Rating 20 A 20 A 25A 25 A 25 A 30 A
Application Classification CLASS A Class A Class A Class A Class A Class A
M.size 1685*992*35mm 2024 *1004 mm 2063*1026 mm 2187×1102×35 mm 2279 mm*1134 MM*35 mm 2465×1134×35 mm
module weight 19 Kg 22 Kg 23.5 Kg 28 kg 30 kg 34.6 kg
Power Tolerance 0 ~ + 5 W 0 ~ + 5 W 0 ~ + 5 W 0 ~ + 5 W 0 ~ + 5 W 0 ~ + 3 %
Max. System Voltage 1500V (IEC) or 1000V (IEC)
Operating Temperature 40°C ~ +85°C
Module Fire Performance CLASS C (IEC 61730)


Nominal Max. Power (Pmax) 275 W 335 W 375 W
Opt. Operating Voltage (Vmp) 31.12 V 38 V 39.4 V
Opt. Operating Current (Imp) 8.85 A 08.82 A 9.55 A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 38.5 V 46.1 V 47.67 V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 9.52 A 09.31 A 10.10 A
Module Efficiency 18.38% 18.38% 18.58%
Max. Series Fuse Rating 15 A 15 A 15 A
Application Classification Class A Class A Class A
M.size 1648x990mm 1950x990mm 1998x1010mm
module weight 18.2Kg 20 Kg 23.8Kg
Power Tolerance 0 ~ + 5 W 0 ~ + 5 W 0 ~ + 5 W
Max. System Voltage 1500V (IEC) or 1000V (IEC)
Operating Temperature 40°C ~ +85°C
Module Fire Performance CLASS C (IEC 61730)


Nominal Max. Power (Pmax)
25 W 50 W 75W 100 W 125 W
Opt. Operating Voltage (Vmp) 17.8 17.9 17.9 17.49 V 22.40 V
Opt. Operating Current (Imp) 1.124 A 2.84 A 4.31 A 5.94 A 7.40 A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 21.4 V 21.4 V 21.4 V 21.46 V 23.8 V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 1.305 A 3.28 A 4.76 A 6.39 A 6.45 A
Module Efficiency 17% 18.8% 19% 19% 19%
Max. System Voltage 1000V (EU) 1000V (EU) 1000V (EU) 1000V (EU) 1000V (EU)
Max. Series Fuse Rating 10.A 10.A 10.A 10.A 10.A
module weight 1.05 KG 3 KG 6 KG 7 KG 8 KG
Operating Temperature 40°C ~ +85°C
Power Tolerance 0 ~ + 3 W

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