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Types of Storage Batteries and their Applications-murickens

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Welcome to murickens group – through this channel video we are we proud to announced with information’s of different types of storage batteries and its life, efficiency, battery price, different size of battery and applications of each type. Mainly primary battery’s , rechargeable storage cells , Nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium batters and led acid backup systems . For common usage we heavy application we are using lithium iron batters and led acid batteries. About lithium batteries – which is light weight, compact in size and its manufactures announce 8 to 10 years life time . But as our experience you know now everyone using it through mobile phones and laptop etc . Normally we get the life up to 3 to 4 years. Another category of storage cells are led acid batteries .which is in automotive category – is for vehicle purpose and Tubular class 20 – is for inverter and ups battery and class 10 serious for solar applications Read More