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Points to consider while installing rooftop solar panels

Date : june 5, 2023

1) Right knowledge about solar technologies and their uses.
2) Calculating your energy usage.
3) Determine the size of the solar system and the number of solar panels. Calculating your energy consumption.
4) Is your roof in need of repair?-Before installing solar panels, we must have a good understanding of the roof structure.It includes shape of your roof, Which direction do the slopes of your roof, etc
5) Clear idea about solar system warranties (types of warranties-(battery, inverter, solarpanel)).
6) Don't forget about the service.

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7) The durability or life span of the solar systems.

Photovoltaic systems have life periods during which they work optimally. When looking for systems before installing them, it is essential to keep in mind that their lifespan might endure for many years. Contracting licenced businesses for supply and installation provides more leverage since they provide excellent equipment with longer warranties, indicating that the solar systems will last longer. Surface-level examination of systems without considering precise manufacturing details might be devastating, resulting in the installation of low-quality equipment that will be faulty in the long term.

8) The expected duration of the project.

9) Total cost of the installation.

10) Strong understanding of solar system installation and maintenance.