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Date : December 13, 2022

Murickens Group's MG Lightning Arrester is a unique and sophisticated device. The primary function of this device is to protect electronic devices from high voltage. Lightning arresters come in a variety of sizes and capacities. This device was made from copper. The primary reason for using copper as a manufacturing material is its high conductivity, which allows lightning energy to be transmitted quickly. A lightning arrester usually has both a high-voltage and a ground terminal. It is used to protect against lightning in both commercial and residential settings. A lightning arrester, also known as a lightning isolator, is a device used to protect the insulation and conductors of electric power transmission and telecommunication systems from the damaging effects of lightning. This has both a high voltage and a low voltage.

Lightning arrester for home Murickens Kerala

Outstanding performance.
Extraordinary strength.
Long life span.
Excellent electrical dissipation capacity.
Low subsistence is required.
Precise dimension.

No periodic maintenance is required.
On-site easy installation.
Electromagnetic interference.
Easy to use.
Save from Damage in earthing lines.
Lighting strokes can cause less property damage.
Shielded from bad weather.

Petrochemical Stations.
LNG stations.
Nuclear stations.
Food Processing Industries.
Water Treatment Plants.
Building protection Units.