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"MG" the short form of Murickens Group is registered as a trade mark of Electronic and electrical products from Murickens Industry. Following are MG mark electronics goods. MG Mobile mortuary, MG Solar water heater, MG Servo stabilizer, MG Air conditioner, MG Deep freezer and MG Water cooler. In real estate field we are known as Muricken's Real Estate and in electronic filed we have two registered brand names i.e. Flyline and MG, we hold this brand name since first Jan 1993. Each and every product with our registered trade mark is for Flyline and for MG produced with the aim of power saving, low maintenance, international quality competitive price. Our first Flyline branded products are home inverter, Off-line UPS, Dish Antenna and Step-up transformer. Now we have a veriety of Flyline branded electronic and electrical products like solar inverter, Electronic inverter, sine wave inverter, solar dc systems, online ups, offline ups, 110v step-down transformer, stabilizer, batteries, step-up transformer, solar lantern, solar street light, video coach inverter, ups cum inverter. etc.

All of these electronic equipments are tested in our laboratory and proved positive and are more power severs than other company products. Our Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer is Designed & Manufactured as per ISI specification by Skilled Engineers and is a reliable product for stable power supply. It's fast correction ratio against quick voltage fluctuation ensures trouble free operation for higher precision Electrical & Sophisticated electronic equipments which competes international markets.

Other power savor product is MG solar water heater. As per the Kerala climatic condition and dependence of Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) this is completely isolated. These requires equipment cost only then 24 hours 70 to 80 degree hot water is available which save 40 to 50 percent electricity bill. More often we can say that MG deep freezer is also an economical well known electronic product for power saving and MG Mobile mortuary is used for preserving dead bodies for more days till well wishers from far destination arrive and in that case this mortuary is very suitable. This is wheel mounted so that convenient placing is very easy at your homes.

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