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Top 10 Solar Companies in Kerala, India, 2022

Date : july 06, 2022

Murickens Group is the one among the top 10 solar companies in kerala, india.India is one of the best ten nations on the world to use sun based power with full energy,India is one of the quickest developing economy in the world.The main advantages of the solar based system is used to reduce electricity bills, eco friendly system and reduce environmental polutions.This system work with the help of solar energy, no need of electricity and other fuels.Murickens Group is the solar system manufacturer in kerala since 2000.

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Different types of solar inverters are available in Kerala solar industry.They are mainly used for commercial as well as home purposes.Different capacity solar inverters are used based on consumption of energy.Solar inverters are mainly used to reduce electricity bills.Main components of solar power plants are 1, solar panels 2, inverters 3, Battery

Solar Industry Highlights, 2022

1. Highly Efficient Solar Panels-solar panel manufactures are very responsible to manufacturing highly efficient and good quality solar panels using advanced technologies
2.Advanced technology lithium batteries used
3.Another important factor is the capacity of solar inverter used Solar on-grid or grid tie inverter and solar off grid inverters are off grid inverter is more efficient solar inverter for home

A solar system consist of solar panels, battery and an inverter (solar inverter). An inverter is a device that converts Direct Current(DC) to Alternating current(AC). The solar system generates a Direct Current(DC), whereas the home appliances use an Alternative Current (AC).

Two types of solar inverter are used
1 solar off grid inverter(With battery solar system)
2 solar on grid inverter(Without battery solar system)

Which solar inverter is the best for home?

Solar inverters are selected based on some factors ie,efficiency,Service & warranty, brand, Price, Customer satisfaction.Mainly solar off grid inverters are more better than solar on grid inverters(solar off-grid inverters permits one to store the energy and use it later or at whatever point required.)


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